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A Message from the Chamber President

Greg Hunt

Message from the Chamber President

With sadness, we remember the chamber’s dear friend Manolo Teijelo.   Manolo’s passing in early January marks the end of his long and courageous battle with cancer.  Manolo also battled on behalf of this chamber. We will miss him.
Another chamber warrior is our immediate Past President Corinne McCann Trainor.   I have served in many networking organizations and I have never seen the kind of commitment Corinne gave us. Corinne’s exceptional leadership guided us through the pandemic. When most organizations were contracting, Corrine led us to expansion.   Nothing short of remarkable. All while adding to her growing family AND continuing to be an amazing attorney!
Corinne was also the driving force for the first annual “women’s conference” in November.   The conferences attendance, financials, and excitement far exceeded our expectations.  I could go on about Corinne but please know all of us should be very proud of her leadership.
Not to be forgotten is the fearless Evelyn Mars, the chambers’ executive director.   Evelyn shared the vision of growth during the pandemic which, as mentioned above, was unheard of.  Evelyn has always had a passion and love for business and this chamber, but she stepped up in the last two years as never before. On behalf of the Jersey Shore chamber, we are eternally grateful for Evelyn’s guidance and leadership.
On to 2022.  Our mission is to bolster our existing programs. We will continue as a chamber to support this year’s women’s conference. We would love to see this event grow and become THE destination for women to attend a conference.  Also, Evelyn and I plan to drill down and re-energize the Wednesday morning coffee connector. The networking opportunities presented to participants on Wednesday mornings are endless. We invite you to join the excitement at coffee connectors.
This year marks the 20 th anniversary of our annual golf outing.  Special shout out to chairman John Spottke who created the event.  We are looking for a fantastic anniversary outing this year. 
We will also be developing three educational / business development breakfasts.  Healthcare, real estate, and marketing and sales will all help you and your business.
I would also like to introduce VP Danielle Wolowitz.   Danielle will be very active in the chamber’s overall direction.   Her corporate background will be invaluable to the chamber’s future.
Fixture and Past President Adam Puharic, Star News Group publisher Alison Manser-Ertl, and CPA Sean Keating round out our leadership team.
We are poised for continued growth and prosperity. The folks mentioned above have created a networking powerhouse. I strongly urge you to hop aboard and take the ride with us.   It’s time to grow your business through the Jersey Shore Chamber of Commerce!

Greg Hunt
JSCC President