Jersey Shore Chamber of Commerce

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Jersey Shore Chamber of Commerce
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About the Chamber

About the Jersey Shore Chamber of Commerce

Advance our region’s economy, enhance our members’ success and improve our quality of life.

These core values guide our services
to members and community:

  • Member-Centric
  • Promote Commerce
  • Build Relationships
  • Engage the Community
  • Maintain Integrity
  • Provide Leadership

Jersey Shore Chamber of Commerce History

The Jersey Shore Chamber of Commerce, formerly the Southern Monmouth Chamber of Commerce was established in 1979 as the Wall Area Chamber of Commerce changed its name to the Southern Monmouth Chamber of Commerce in 1992 in order to accommodate its growing membership in the Southern Monmouth county region. The JSCC is a voluntary partnership of men and women who are actively involved in local business enterprises, and civic and not-for-profit groups. The organization serves as a regional Chamber for professionals and businesses that are located in or serve Monmouth and Ocean Counties.

The Chamber works to promote strong civic spirit, a robust and thriving business environment and a vibrant quality of life for the individuals and families who live and work in our communities. Membership in the Chamber signals your willingness to be a force for positive action in achieving these goals and growing your business.


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